August 19, 2014

Real-Time Face Projection Mapping: Digital Makeup (Video)

"My jaw literally dropped. I think that's the first time that's ever happened to me in real life."   -Brett Chapman, UK Indie Filmmaker.

"Absolutely amazing!!! Well done!!!" -Román Reyes, Spain Actor & Filmmaker.

"Spellbound. I have been using simple projection in my performances for the past two years, but this is something else." -Miss Morphic, UK Creative Videographer

Project Members
Nobumichi Asai (Planner / Producer / Technical Producer - P.I.C.S.)
Hiroto Kuwahara (Art Director & Makeup)
Paul Lacroix (Technical Director / Programmer - Transit Digital Works)
Jin Hasegawa (Cg Designer - Spade)
Takashi Ishibashi (Cg Designer - Spade)
Ayaka Motoyoshi (Production Manager - P.I.C.S.)

Special Thanks
Aya Kumakura (Production Manager)
Yoshihiro Ueno (Production Manager - P.I.C.S.)
Koji Kojima(Producer)
Kazuhiro Nakamura (Colorist - Mcray)
Kenji Nakazono (Photographer - Creative Studio Works)
Kimihiro Morikawa (Photographer - Shooting & Lighting)
Jin Hasegawa (Spade)
Rhea Tor’s Inc.
Dan (Stylist)
K.Furumoto (Hair - &´S Management)
Yuka Sekimizu (Model - Satoru Japan)
Hideaki Takahashi (Music - Mjuc)
Spice (Optitrack Motion Capture Sensor)


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