January 30, 2013

Sony Vaio® Laptop/Notebook Battery (25% OFF!) VGN-AR,CR,NR,SZ,VGP-BPS9

Sony Vaio® VGN-AR, CR, NR, SZ, VGP-BPS9 Laptop Battery (Standard Capacity, Black)
SKU: NB-285

Limewit's Sony® Vaio VGN-AR, CR, NR, SZ, VGP-BPS9 laptop replacement battery is guaranteed to be 100% compatible* with your Sony® Laptop. This battery uses premium lithium-ion cells designed with quality, longevity, and safety in mind. If you are not satisfied, send the battery back within 30 days to get a full refund.

If you don't want the hassle of a BIOS update CLICK HERE

*Not compatible with Windows Vista
*See Model compatibility Chart for detailed information below

AC Adapter also available HERE
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Sale: $84.13
Save: $14.85

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Compatibility Chart for this laptop battery:

January 28, 2013

Difference between Incandescent, Halogen, CFL and LED Bulbs

While the initial price of energy-efficient light bulbs is higher than traditional incandescent bulbs, they don’t need to be replaced as often and will save you money in the long run.

Courtesy of Batteries Plus

January 23, 2013

How To Perform A Full Battery Discharge/Calibration

The most adequate method to do a full discharge, also known as battery calibration, consists of the following procedure:
  • Fully charge the battery to its maximum capacity (100%)
  • Let the battery "rest" fully charged for at least 2 hours in order to cool down from the charging process. You may use the computer normally within this period.
  • Unplug the power cord and set the computer to hibernate automatically at the minimum percentage possible as described by the image sequence below:

  • Leave the computer discharging until it hibernates itself. You may use the computer normally within this period.
  • When the computer shuts down completely, let it stay in the hibernation state for a minimum of 5 hours.
  • Plug the computer to the A/C power to perform a full charge until it reaches its maximum capacity of 100%. You may use the computer normally within this period.

After the calibration process, the reported wear level is usually higher than before. This is natural, since it now reports the true current capacity that the battery has to hold charge. Lithium Ion batteries have a limit amount of discharge cycles (generally 200 to 300 cycles) and they will retain less capacity over time.

Many people tend to think "If calibrating gives higher wear level, then it's a bad thing". This is wrong, the calibration is meant to enable your battery to report the true capacity it can hold, and it's meant to avoid surprises. Such as, being in the middle of a presentation when suddenly the computer shuts down with 30% of power remaining.

NOTE: If the calibration does not fix your problem then you might need a new battery. You can purchase a high quality alternative at a very reasonable price from us on Amazon or directly through Limewit.com.

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January 15, 2013

Facebook's Next Big Thing (Live Coverage)

We are live from the Facebook mystery event at their headquarters in Menlo Park.

Lots of speculations regarding what will be shown today. Here's some of the most popular ideas and thoughts being thrown out there:
  • A Messenger
  • Search engine, something like Chrome.
  • Charging to use Facebook features.
  • Customizable profiles
  • Integrated photo-editor
  • Integrated video-chatting, similar to Skype
  • Improved and new business solutions.
  • HTC/Facebook phone collaboration.
The presentation should start any minute now...

Mark Zuckerberg is now on stage!

Mark Zuckerber is talking about the "three pillars." One being the News feed, timeline and graph search.

Web search VS. Graph search.

I.e., a search for "hip hop" -- web search will take any open ended query and return links. Graph search is intended to give you the answer -- not links that might give you the answer.

They are demoing how Graph Search works. This is not keyword search, he points out. Graph search is structured. ie, "friends who like star ways and harry potter."

He says it's a powerful recruiting tool. Friends of current employees is a good place to start with recruiting. For example, "NASA Ames Research Center employees who are friends with Facebook employees."

Graph Search is only available in a limited preview. You can sign up to get on the Graph Search wait-list here: www.facebook.com

He's addressing privacy, knowing full well this could be an issue.

Zuckerberg is back on stage. "this is one of the coolest things we've done in a while." He emphasizes how early it is. Calls it a beta product.

Even so, Graph Search is a completely new way to get information on Facebook.

With Graph Search, you get a powerful tool and a world class search engine at the same time. People won't come here to do Web searches all the time -- that's not the intent -- but if they need to, they can use Bing. .

Search is a big project and will take years and years to mature. In the future, we want to get to mobile. The only reason we didn't do mobile first is that our mobile engineers have been working on apps.

Decided English was a logical place to search. Eventually, we will add all and get to Open Graph

Facebook will start a limited beta today and start rolling it out very slowly.

Big thanks to Paul Sloan for this content.

January 14, 2013

Gateway M, P, T Series Laptop Battery 7800mAh (High Capacity)

Gateway 9-cell Laptop Battery (High Capacity)

Limewit's Gateway® Laptop Battery compatible with part numbers: 6501168, 934T2920F, 934T2960F, SQU-715, SQU-719, SQU-721 and W35052LB High Capacity laptop replacement battery is guaranteed to be 100% compatible* with your Gateway® Laptop. This battery uses premium lithium-ion cells designed with quality, longevity, and safety in mind. If you are not satisfied, send the battery back within 30 days to get a full refund.

*See Model compatibility Chart below for detailed information.

AC Adapter also available HERE

Availability: In Stock - Ships within 1 business day

Was: $79.99
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Gateway Battery Features

  • 1.5X extra power over the original battery
  • 100% Compatible & Fully Rechargeable
  • Brand NEW Replacement Battery
  • Performance Li-ion Cell Technology
  • UL and CE certified
  • 3 Year Warranty + Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
To view if this model is right for your Gateway laptop, please click on "read more" below to browse the model compatibility and part number chart:

January 9, 2013

The Best of CES 2013 (Video+Links)

2013 was the first time in many years that Microsoft didn't host the opening keynote for the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas. Instead, the show went to Qualcomm and its CEO, Dr. Paul Jacobs. We weren't quite sure what to expect beyond a new series of processors, but what we got was weirder than anything we've seen in all of our collective years attending CES. While Chris Ziegler translated the surreal experiences into a liveblog and I took photos of the craziest moments, the rest of the Verge staff took to Twitter to react to the event. You can relive the insanity right here.

By Dieter Bohn

For the latest headlines and best products featured at this years CES 2013, visit the following links: 

-video courtesy of theVerge and Qualcomm

January 7, 2013

Only YOU Can Prevent Laptop Fires

Limewit Laptop and Netbook AC Adapters

  • Brand New UL-Certified AC Adapters
  • Complies with EMC Standards
  • 4-Level EMI Protection
  • UL94V0 Grade Casing
  • Fully functional and compatible (please review compatibility list before purchasing)
  • Warranty and Support: 1 Year Warranty
EMC Standards
EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) aims to ensure that equipment items or systems will not interfere with or prevent each other's correct operation through spurious emission and absorption of EMI.

EMI Protection
The purpose of Electromagnetic Shielding (EMI) is to protect devices from the coupling effect, the transfer of one form of energy to a device that uses a different form. This is commonly caused by radio waves, electrostatic fields, and the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. The full level of protection is based on the amount of reduction to the electric and magnetic fields. This depends on the size, shape and orientation of the shielding. No matter the standards in place, however, shielding cannot protect against low-frequency magnetic fields.

UL 94 is a plastics flammability standard released by Underwriters Laboratories of the USA. The standard classifies plastics according to how they burn in various orientations and thicknesses. From lowest (least flame-retardant) to highest (most flame-retardant), the classifications are:

V0: burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen; drips of particles allowed as long as they are not inflamed.

Limewit Laptop and Netbook Batteries

  • 100% Compatible & Fully Rechargeable
  • Brand NEW Replacement Battery
  • Premium Li-ion Cell Technology
  • UL and CE certified
  • UL94V0 Grade Casing
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty + Support, 3 Year Warranty On High Performance Models
Want to purchase more than one item? Contact us to see if we have any deals or promotions available that are right for you. support@limewit.com

January 3, 2013

What's Battery Memory Effect?

Memory Effect

Also known as battery effect, lazy battery effect, crazy battery syndrome or battery memory, is an effect observed in nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries that causes them to hold less charge. It describes one very specific situation in which certain NiCd batteries gradually lose their maximum energy capacity if they are repeatedly recharged after being only partially discharged. The battery appears to "remember" the smaller capacity. The source of the effect is changes in the characteristics of the underused active materials of the cell. The term is commonly misapplied to almost any case in which a battery appears to hold less charge than was expected. These cases are more likely due to battery age and use, leading to irreversible changes in the cells due to internal short-circuits, loss of electrolyte, or reversal of cells.

How To Fix The Memory Effect

The simplest way to remedy the memory effect is to replace your nickel cadmium battery with a non nickel cadmium battery. You can find replacements on Amazon or at Limewit. You can also do a full discharge, from 100% to 0%, to your nickel cadmium battery multiple times to erase the memory effect.

NOTELimewit batteries do not suffer from any memory effect symptoms or side-effects since none of our batteries are nickel cadmium based.

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!! 2013 + 20% Off Store-wide!

We want to wish you a Happy New Year! 

Let's start you off right with 20% off store-wide at Limewit.com!

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