November 29, 2012

Death Star Ice Cream: Haagen Daz Reinvents The Ice Cream Bar

When Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien of London-based office Doshi Levien were approached by Haagen-Dazs about a unique collaboration, the opportunity to experiment with the frozen dessert was too sweet to resist.
Too perfect. Almost makes you not want to eat it.

story by
photos courtesy of Doshi Levien/Haagen-Daz

November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday - 25% Off All Electronics!

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November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 + Our Black Friday Deals

From everyone here at Limewit Blog and we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Some "food" for thought:

Regardless of How Full You Are, Here’s Why You Always Have Room for Pie

It’s a question I ask myself every Thanksgiving dinner as I sit clutching my stomach and moaning in cartoonish agony, “How did my body let me eat all that pumpkin pie, even though I was so incredibly full from that 4th helping of turkey and mashed potatoes?”

The answer involves an explanation of hormones called Ghrelin and Leptin, your brain, your stomach, some psychological nuances, and a whiteboard to illustrate what the hell is going on inside your body to the point that a 5-year-old would understand. Because let’s face it, even with a college education, I still like my science explained with a pinch of infancy.

Here’s why you still desire to eat when full, in essence, the entire science of appetite in a short 1:50 video:

By: Elie Ayrouth,'s Black Friday Deal:

November 19, 2012

Electric Vehicles More Polluting than Gas/Diesel Cars

Nissan Leaf. All electric vehicle at charging station.
Electric vehicle buyers have a new reason to feel conflicted about their forward-thinking purchases, thanks to a recent study which suggests EVs are potentially more polluting than their gas-powered counterparts.

According to The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the environmental ramifications of EVs from well to wheel are significant. The study took into account all factors along the lifecycle of an electric vehicle, from the toxic battery ingredients like nickel and copper to the energy sources which power the grids that ultimately charge the cars' batteries. "The global warming potential from electric vehicle production is about twice that of conventional vehicles," one part of the study concludes, indicating that energy developed from lignite, coal, or heavy oil combustion makes it "counterproductive to promote electric vehicles."

One part of the finding suggests that EVs driven in Europe have an environmental advantage over other global communities. "Electric vehicles powered by the present European electricity mix offer a 10 percent to 24 percent decrease in their global warming potential relative to conventional diesel or petrol vehicles," the study says. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche echoed that sentiment. "According to our results, a battery electric vehicle, with electricity produced by the power generation mix we currently have in Europe, compares favorably in the magnitude of 10 percent or so with diesel," he told the BBC.

Sources: The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (click for abstract), BBC; thanks to Shahdad Kelishadi for the tip!

by Basem Wasef | popular mechanics

November 15, 2012

How To Avoid ATM Fraud

ATM machines are designed to give you money, as long as your checking account isn't $0,  but every now and then they can take your hard-earned cash. We're not talking about ATM usage or withdrawal fees but something even scarier: ATM fraud!

Jess Jiang ( was at the ATM last week, when she saw a technician checking on the machines. He told Jess he checks all the machines from 6pm to 9pm everyday, looking for anything suspicious.

So she had to ask him: What are some things I should check before dipping my debit card? 

Here's what to look out for:

And if you're arrested after being spotted trying to wiggle card reader & keypad, tell them NPR sent you. ;-)

November 12, 2012

Gateway C-140S Laptop Battery from Limewit (5200mAh)

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November 8, 2012

Interesting Article About Sandy Exposing The Need For Electricity Storage Technology

Because of some previous plans, I had already planned to be offline most of this week. Which is really kind of lucky considering that I don't have any power, Internet, phone, mobile phone and questionable water at my home in Midland Park, New Jersey (way, way north near the New York border).

Thank you to those who have sent messages inquiring about my status - my family and friends managed to pull through relatively unscathed. We are very very fortunate. I even managed to get out of New Jersey for a trip to Denver, by driving four hours down to Baltimore to the airport there a few days after my original flight was supposed to depart. I felt very guilty about leaving, but my husband sent me packing so I could recharge my emotional batteries with a little singing therapy. That's a story for another day and another blog.

The first thing I did when I arrived was start looking at the news and the photos that you're all seeing - of the water-logged Jersey Shore, of Moonachie (where the levee broke at the hit of the storm and flooded much of the town), of sewage-flooded Hoboken, where I am hoping my friends have been evacuated, and of places like Breezy Point, Queens, where all those homes burned. Many of us in haven't see those reports yet. Maybe that's a good thing.

We all pretty much all expected to be without power ... for a few days. What we didn't expect was all the side effects of this particular storm. One that is turning out to be particularly challenging for people like my husband is the enormous demand for gasoline that has people lined up at all the pumps that are open. Many gas stations still are not because you need electricity for the pumps, obviously.

There are generators and chainsaws eating up that gasoline at an enormous rate. And it's not that easy to get more. Which makes it hard for my husband to keep clearing trees off people's houses. It's a vicious cycle.

The ripple effect is mind-boggling. It's one big reason that cell phones have been really compromised in the region - you need it to power the towers and the substations that haven't been damaged or flooded. But with the power not expected to be on for maybe two weeks more (if we're lucky), should you conserve that gasoline for phones or for things like pumping water to houses or to run generators to keep refrigerators and furnaces running as the weather turns colder?

I got to thinking about all this on the plane yesterday, because I actually had a hard copy of a press release about energy storage that I was considering for a post. I printed a bunch of them on Monday, just in case.

It leapt to the top of my pile when I started thinking about all the batteries that are being eaten up in New Jersey.

Right now, the market for energy storage is pretty nascent, but a new report from Pike Research anticipates that it will grow to $30 billion annually by 2022 - spurred by advances in pumped storage, compressed air energy and advanced batteries. The total capacity of energy storage systems worldwide by that time would be about 56,000 megawatts, according to the report.

"One of the key challenges for energy storage will be to deliver cost-effective solutions for these grid stability issues," said Pike Research analyst Anissa Dehamna. "Market structures still must catch up with the market to acknowledge the value of energy storage to grid operators and power consumers. At the same time, the industry must solve issues around business models and the supply chain in order to successfully scale up and fully commercialize these emerging technologies."

I've written previously about the role that energy storage is playing in new on-site generation systems using renewable technology such as solar and wind. Places like California are increasingly requiring storage as part of project proposals. In places like New Jersey, where the sun is finally shining, this could be incredibly useful. You could, in theory, distribute storage throughout neighborhoods so in the event of a major storm, people would still be able to function for a while. And the water companies could keep pumping water, which is probably the most major concern for my area right now.

In my mind there is much to be gained by investing in energy storage regardless of whether or not it is tied to the grid.

It is pretty obvious that the load we place on an antiquated grid is heavier than it can manage, and it is only going to get worse.

Right now, our current back-up plan is to run generators that cough up plenty of pollutants. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is giving New Jersey a break on its clean air rules in order to cope with the storm's aftermath, but isn't it time that we started thinking about better alternatives?

This particular Jersey girl is sending waves of love back to her home state, where so many lives have been altered. How many more lessons like this do we need to start reconsidering some of our vital infrastructure?

Article recommended by Bill Gates

November 6, 2012

2012 Elections (Live Coverage) Mitt Romney VS. Barack Obama

Did you go vote? 

Here are some helpful links in case you need to find your voting place or if you want to know who is leading the election.

Before you can vote, you need to know where to vote:
Polling Place Locator & Sample Ballot Look Up

Once you know where to vote, see if you are registered to vote:
Can I Vote? | Find Out If You Are Registered to Vote

See which candidate has won which state and how many votes are left to win the whole thing:
2012 Election Map: The race for the presidency (Washington Post)

President: Full Results (CNN)

Want up to date, minute by minute coverage? Here it is:
Election 2012 Live Updates On The Race (Huffington Post)

November 5, 2012

HP Laser Printer Toner Model CE505A and 05A (SALE)

Limewit's HP® CE505A Compatible Black Laser Printer Toner Cartridge for HP LaserJet P2035, P2055 series printers is guaranteed to be fully compatible* with your HP Printer. All toner cartridges are designed with quality, longevity, and safety in mind to meet or exceed the OEM cartridge. If you are not satisfied, send the toner back within 30 days to get a full refund.

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