July 30, 2012

Smartphone Battery Sale: Get an extra 10% Off!

Worried about your phones battery not lasting very long? Then a spare battery is right for you. Just pop out the dead battery, insert the fully charged one that you can carry around in your back-pack, purse, or pocket and you are ready for more phone time!

No need to wait for your battery to charge or risk not being able to find a place to charge it. Batteries tend to run out when you least expect them. Be ready with a spare. Need an incentive? Take 10% off your purchase with our Back 2 School promo code: B2S12 (enter it at check-out)

Shop store-wide at Limewit.com
Mobile Phone Batteries Limewit.com/phonebattery

Offer expires September 16, 2012. Discounts cannot be combined.

Limewit's mobile Phone Batteries are  guaranteed to be fully compatible* with your mobile phone. All batteries use premium lithium-polymer cells and are designed with quality, longevity, and safety in mind. We do not compromise on quality materials and performance.

If you are not 100% satisfied, send the battery back within 30 days for a full refund.

AT&T Tilt, HTC TyTN II Mobile Phone Battery
Compatible With:
  • AT&T Mobile Phones
TiltTilt 8900Tilt 8915
Tilt 8925
  • HTC Mobile Phones
KaiserKaiser 110P4550
Kaiser 100Kaiser 130TyTN II
  • Other Mobile Phones
Asus P750O2 XDA Stellar  Vodafone V1615
O2 Kaiser 120Swisscom XPA V1615  Vodafone VPA Compact IV
O2 Kaiser 140T-Mobile MDA Vario III

Compatible With:
  • HTC Mobile Phones
Cedar 100Rhodium 100  T7377
Evo 4GRhodium W  T7378
FortressS511  Tilt 2
Maple 100S522  Touch Pro 2
MDA Vario VSash 3G  Touch Pro II
OzoneSnap  Willow
Ozone VX-6175T7373  Wing II
  • AT&T Mobile Phones
Tilt 2
  • Sprint Mobile Phones
Evo 4GTouch Pro 2Snap
Touch Pro II

  • T-Mobile Mobile Phones
Touch Pro 2Touch Pro 2

  • Verizon Mobile Phones
Touch Pro 2Touch Pro II

Compatible With:
  • HTC Mobile Phones
A6388Legend A6363   35H0013409M
BuzzLegend A6365   BA S420 BB00100
Droid ErisLegend G6   BA S440
Droid Eris 6200Wildfire   BLI-1156-1
Droid IncredibleWildfire A3333   BTR6200
Droid Incredible ADR630035H00127-02M   BTR6200B
Incredible35H00127-04M   BTR6300B
Incredible PB3-120035H00127-05M
  • Other Mobile Phones
Google G6Dopod A6388

Captivate   i9000 Galaxy S   Vibrant
Epic 4G   i9003 Galaxy SL   Vibrant T959
Galaxy S 4G   i9088 Galaxy S
i897 Captivate   M110S Galaxy S

July 27, 2012

Out of Power? Print a New Battery! Berkeley Grads Create Printable Battery

Imprint Energy is a new start up founded by campus graduates Christine Ho and Brooks Kincaid that has created printable batteries. The design, produced in part due to a $250,000 grant from the university, is seen as a new way for batteries to be produced and disposed of in way a less harmful to the environment.

But how does one print a battery?

“It’s a variety of inks, and in combination they create a battery,” Kincaid said. “There are four to five layers that, once deposited, create the battery.”

Kincaid explained that the process used is called “screen printing” — the same type of industrial printing that is used to print T-shirts or other high-volume materials. At the moment, it is not possible to print at home, but Kincaid said this could still become a reality in the long term.

“We don’t use heavy metals or seriously toxic materials,” Kincaid said. “We use materials that are widely available and at a low-cost battery technology.”

Professor of metallurgy James Evans, who taught Ho when she was a graduate student studying materials science and engineering, further explained the company’s sustainable nature.

”The invention here is a way of making a rechargeable battery with a zinc electrode work. Because you can recharge it, it has less of an impact on the environment,” said Evans, who is also an adviser to the company.

The start up is currently located in Alameda and employs five people. According to Kincaid, the company is seeking to grow and develop more investors and customers.

By Levon Minassian
Curated by Limewit Blog

July 25, 2012

Amazon Will Soon Charge Sales Tax (Amazon Sales Tax Schedule)

The online retail giant will start charging sales tax in eight additional states in the coming years, starting with California and Pennsylvania in September, as it puts down physical roots in more places. Amazon already collects sales tax in six states.

That means many customers will have to dig a little deeper into their pockets when buying on the Internet, which some people see as a refuge from sales taxes.

California residents, for instance, might have to pay as much as $9.75 in additional levies on a $100 purchase, depending on where they live in the state. Customers in Philadelphia, meanwhile, would find an additional $8 tax on their bill. 

Collecting sales taxes is a turnaround for Amazon (AMZN), which had long fought states' attempts to force e-tailers to deal with such levies. States estimate they lose $23 billion in annual sales taxes, some $11.5 billion of it from online purchases, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Brick-and-mortar retailers have also pushed hard to have Amazon and other web merchants collect sales taxes, which the physical stores say level the playing field.

Amazon instead sought to have Congress settle the issue. It is backing the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow states to collect sales tax from out-of-state businesses.

"Amazon believes the sales tax issue needs to be resolved at the federal level and we're actively working with the states, retailers and Congress to get federal legislation passed," said Scott Stanzel, an Amazon spokesman.

Before the sales tax hits, visit our Amazon store to save on affordable laptop batteries for laptop makers like HP, Sony, Toshiba and much more.

By Tami Luhby | CNNMoney.com 
Edited by Limewit Blog 
Photo courtesy of Amazon

July 23, 2012

Compaq Presario cq430 & cq630 Laptop Battery (Spotlight)

Compaq entered the retail computer market with the Presario in the mid-1990s to market a sub-$1000 PC. In May 2007, HP announced in a press release a new logo for their Compaq Division to be placed on the new Compaq Presario models. In 2010, the last Compaq Presario branded laptop was produced at an HP computer assembly facility in China. Since then, the Presario has been rebranded under HP's laptop computer line as the HP 2000 series.

If you have a Compaq cq430 or cq630 laptop (both laptop models use the same battery) and need a replacement or additional battery, you can still purchase a high quality model through Limewit.com.
Compaq cq430 and cq630 Presario Laptop Battery from Limewit.com
On Sale for $75.19
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Buy Compaq cq430 Presario Laptop Battery

-100% Compatible*
-Brand NEW 4400mAh, 6-cell Standard Capacity Laptop Battery
-UL certified premium Li-ion cells
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee
-Warranty and Support: One-year full warranty

*See Model Compatibility Chart below for detailed information.

Warranty Terms 1 Year Limited
Capacity (mAh) 4400
Voltage (V) 10.8
Cell Count 6
Color Black
Cell Form Cylindrical
Cell Type Li-Ion

Shop for more laptop battery models.
Shop netbook battery models.

AC Power Adapters

July 20, 2012

Try Before You Buy: The Future of Online Shopping?

One of the biggest hurdles of buying stuff online is the inability to try products out first hand before knowing whether you want to purchase it or not. But increasingly, companies are getting around that by offering a try-before-you-buy option for online goods, something Warby Parker has done successfully with glasses. YBuy, a Southern California company, has built a monthly subscription service around the try-before-you-buy model for gadgets, appliances and other products and it’s getting a big name backer in Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures is leading a $1 million Series A round investment that also includes funding from David Hanna, Chairman and CEO of CompuCredit, and Jim Patterson, Chief Product Officer at Yammer. The money will help YBuy scale up to handle a waiting list of 50,000 people, who have signed up for the service. YBuy exited public beta in January but it has been limited to a smaller group of users so far.

YBuy users pay $24.95 to try out a curated list of products, things like the iPad 3, the Xbox 360, the Jawbone Jambox or Limewit's Sony and Dell Laptop batteries. Users have up to 30 days to try out the product. If they decide to buy it, the $24.95 gets applied to the purchase price. If they don’t, they just send it back and try out something new. Shipping is free both ways. The service curates a list of products based on the tastes of a user. In addition to gadgets, it also offers appliances, such as coffee makers and blenders, and sporting goods, such as golf drivers.

The Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based company was started by Stephen Svajian, Kevin and Tim Wallin in 2009 and previously raised $750,000 from its founders and other angels.

Here's how Ybuy works:

1. Join the club

  • Select products from a curated list
  • Get a personal customer assistant

2. Try products

  • Pay nothing until you choose your first product
  • Skip a month at any time

3. Buy or return

  • Return your product by the last day of the month
  • Or, just keep the product and trial fees go toward the purchase

Is this the future of online shopping?

By Ryan Kim
Photo courtesy of Ybuy.com
Curated by Limewit Blog

July 18, 2012

Apple iOS 6 VS. Google's Jelly Bean: Which Is King?

Both Apple and Google have demonstrated and released betas of their new smartphone and tablet operating systems. The question everyone is wondering is, which of the two can be crowned King?

We are going to make this simple. No fancy graphs, no Cal Tech level talk, and no references to obscure operating systems or features from the past. Just photos and why one operating system is better than the other. Enjoy.

Siri vs. Google Now Voice Search | The Winner: Siri (iOS 6)
Both voice-controlled search functions work great if you know the limitations of each service. Siri is more attractive, but its social integration and app launching is what really gives it a leg up over Google Now.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps | The Winner: Google Maps (Jelly Bean)
Apple’s first attempt at a home-grown mapping app is nice, but it can’t beat years of Google experience in building out a mapping infrastructure. In fact, we’re impatiently waiting for Google Maps to appear on iOS 6.

Notifications & Alerts | The Winner: Apple (iOS 6)
Google may have been first but Apple has mastered the game. Google needs to look beyond Google+.

On Being Social & Networking | The Winner: Google (Jelly Bean)

July 16, 2012

They Really Like Us! (Limewit Customer Feedback)

We would like to share some of the actual, unedited feedback we receive from our satisfied Limewit.com customers regarding their shopping experience with us:

"I loved the price and the ease of ordering from home."
Purchased  Dell Inspiron E1705 Laptop Battery

"It was a pleasant experience and the battery works great." 
Purchased  Hewlett Packard G62 Battery

"Best customer service ever with Nacole......she helped me correct some issues I had while ordering and she even called to make sure everything was OK." 
Purchased  Sony Vaio VGN-AW, CS, FW, NS, SR, VGP-BPS13 Standard Capacity 6-cell Laptop Battery

"It was easy to install and the shopping experience was enjoyable."
Purchased Acer Extensa 5210 Laptop Battery

"Very good site. Product shipped fast." 
Purchased  Dell Inspiron 1520, 1521 High Capacity Laptop Battery

Why shop with Limewit.com?
  1. With us, the customer is always our top priority
  2. Orders over $45.00 Get FREE SHIPPING
  3. All of our products have a 30 Day Return Guarantee
  4. We offer the highest quality at competitive prices
  5. 1 Year Warranty available (most products)
  6. Limewit products are engineered to meet or exceed the original manufacturer standards
  7. Orders placed before 4:30 PM (pacific) get shipped the same day!

July 13, 2012

Global Creativity Gap: Is Creativity Suffering? (Adobe Study)

Does your company allow its employees to be creative? Is creativity valued in your workplace?

source: adobe state of creativity study

July 11, 2012

Ouya - The Android Powered Gaming Console (Gameplay Video)

OUYA is a new game console for the TV, powered by Android.
We've packed this little box full of power. Developers will have access to OUYA's open design so they can produce their games for the living room, taking advantage of everything the TV has to offer.

Best of all, OUYA's world-class controller, console, and interface come in one beautiful, inexpensive package. All the games on it will be free, at least to try.

Great games come from great developers.
Developers can wave farewell to the roadblocks of bringing a console game to market. Anyone can make a game: every OUYA console is a dev kit. No need to purchase a license or an expensive SDK. It's built on Android, so developers already know how it works.

That doesn't mean OUYA is an Android port. You can create the next big title in your bedroom – just like the good old days! Who needs pants!? OUYA could change AAA game development, too. Forget about licensing fees, retail fees, and publishing fees.

Design matters.
We believe a great console requires a great user experience. We are working with the award-winning designer, Yves Behar, and his firm fuseproject (designer of the Jambox).

July 9, 2012

Battery Buying Guide: Are Cheap Laptop and Netbook Batteries a Good Buy?

Have you ever visited Amazon or eBay and wondered how certain laptop and netbook batteries can be so cheap? Some merchants offer aftermarket batteries for as little as $22 or even $17. When their original counterparts go for $85 - $130. The savings can be huge! Or can they?

We must first understand that 95% of aftermarket batteries are manufactured in China. As you may already know, there are good and bad things about this. The good thing is that China has some of the worlds leading manufacturing facilities. Some of the best products are manufactured there. The bad thing is that some Chinese factories are willing to cut corners and therefore offer merchants huge savings.

Cutting Corners
For a manufacturer, saving money is important, and because of this the idea to "cut corners" is quite alluring. This is the reason why you can find such low prices on otherwise expensive laptop and netbook replacement batteries.

The first thing that a factory can cut, to lower costs, is the quality assurance and control of its manufacturing process. For example, rather than testing every battery before leaving the warehouse, they may choose to test 1 out of 10,000. And these 10,000 are from different models. Testing multiple samples would require more time, resources, and effort. This lowers the cost of production so the merchant can offer you a $17 battery. Will the battery operate properly? Is the casing sealed on all sides? Are the battery cells attached correctly? Is it really compatible with your laptop?

Cheap materials
This one should be common sense. You cannot expect a $16-20* battery for a current laptop model to be composed of high quality materials.

*Unless its for a very old model or the company selling these batteries went out of business and they have to get rid of inventory and fast.

While the battery pictured has official certification logos, most cheap batteries are not certified. Gateway SQU-715 High Capacity 9-Cell Laptop Battery from Limewit
Lastly, a factory can choose to forge product certifications such as UL (product safety) and CE. They do this to save time and money. Getting certified by a safety or quality governing body can take several months and it does not come cheap.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Before making your purchase: 
  • Read the merchants return policy. 
  • Review their warranty.
  • Take a close look at their product images and descriptions.
  • Contact the merchant and ask questions.
You may think you are getting a great deal but if that battery damages your laptop, it does not work (returns can be a hassle!), or it only lasts you a year...was it really worth your time and money?

Where's a good place to shop for laptop and netbook batteries? If you want Standard and High Capacity batteries that are built to last, from a company with supportive and attentive customer service, manufactured with high quality materials, 30 day money back, 1 year warranty, free shipping on orders of $45 or more and all valid safety/quality certifications. Then Limewit is the place to start.

July 6, 2012

Animated Video - History of the World (Official Video)

An arts and crafts history of the world.
Written by Kalle Mattson

Kevin Parry - Director / Animator

Carla Veldman - Designer / Animator

Andrew Wilson - Designer / Animator

Andrea Nesbitt - Live Action

July 2, 2012

HP CE314A Drum Cartridge + CE310A, CE313A, & CE312A Printer Toners (Product Spotlight)

HP CE314A, 126A Photo-conductor Drum Cartridge
Limewit's HP® CE314A Compatible Photo-conductor Drum Cartridge for HP LaserJet CP1000 Series, LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP M175a, and HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 MFP printers is guaranteed to be fully compatible* with your HP Printer. 
Only $40.99   Shop Here
All toner cartridges are designed with quality, longevity, and safety in mind in order to meet or exceed the OEM cartridge and toners. If you are not satisfied, send the toner back within 30 days to get a full refund.
*See Printer compatibility Chart for detailed information

HP CE310A, 126A (Black) Toner Cartridge $34.99 Shop here.

HP CE312A, 126A (Yellow) Toner Cartridge $34.99 Shop here.

HP CE313A, 126A (Magenta) Toner Cartridge $34.99 Shop here.

HP CE311A, 126A (Cyan) Toner Cartridge $34.99 Shop here.

-Buy all four and get Free Shipping


TypeNew Compatible*
Shelf life2 Years**
ColorAvailable in Black, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan
Page Yield (5% coverage)1,200 Pages
Weight4 lbs
Warranty1 year or 1,200 pages
Storage Temp-4°F to 104°F

Click for full specifications

Part Number Chart
Can't find your Printer? Contact us for assistance.
LaserJet CP1000 Series                      LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP M175a
LaserJet Pro 100 Series                      LaserJet Pro 200 Series
TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 MFP         LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP M175nw
LaserJet Pro CP1025nw Color Printer
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