July 18, 2012

Apple iOS 6 VS. Google's Jelly Bean: Which Is King?

Both Apple and Google have demonstrated and released betas of their new smartphone and tablet operating systems. The question everyone is wondering is, which of the two can be crowned King?

We are going to make this simple. No fancy graphs, no Cal Tech level talk, and no references to obscure operating systems or features from the past. Just photos and why one operating system is better than the other. Enjoy.

Siri vs. Google Now Voice Search | The Winner: Siri (iOS 6)
Both voice-controlled search functions work great if you know the limitations of each service. Siri is more attractive, but its social integration and app launching is what really gives it a leg up over Google Now.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps | The Winner: Google Maps (Jelly Bean)
Apple’s first attempt at a home-grown mapping app is nice, but it can’t beat years of Google experience in building out a mapping infrastructure. In fact, we’re impatiently waiting for Google Maps to appear on iOS 6.

Notifications & Alerts | The Winner: Apple (iOS 6)
Google may have been first but Apple has mastered the game. Google needs to look beyond Google+.

On Being Social & Networking | The Winner: Google (Jelly Bean)

While Google is keen on pushing Google+ to everyone, everywhere, it still plays more democratically than Apple.

Google Play vs. iTunes | The Winner: A Tie
With Google, you have everything under one roof which creates a lot of clutter. Apple's multiple app location approach cuts down on clutter but reduces discovery. Searching for a movie won’t also lead to a result that contains that movie’s soundtrack.

Safari vs. Chrome | The Winner:  Apple's Safari (iOS 6)
This one’s tough. We could call it a draw, but even football (soccer) has done away with ties. While a unified field is great, the Reading List gives iOS 6 the edge.

And the Winner is...Apple's iOS 6, but just barely.

Before you Apple fans start hectoring your Android-owning friends, remember that both platforms contain other features that are just as compelling as the ones above. iOS’s over-the-air Facetime, photo streaming, VIP email and Passbook are great features. Jelly Bean’s Location-aware Google Now is your new personal assistant, and Data usage is perfect for users on a data diet.

The biggest mark against Android is that Android users are usually stuck with the OS version that came with their smartphones. So, while Jelly Bean might be the bees knees, unless you buy a new Nexus device in July, you’re saddled with whatever OS your handset maker feels like supporting. At least iPhone owners get the latest-greatest.

curated and edited by Limewit Blog
original piece by Roberto Baldwin
photos courtesy of Apple, Google, and Wired.com staff. 

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