August 5, 2014

Navdy is the Heads Up Display (HUD) for Older Cars That Want to Upgrade

This is Navdy's first heads up display design. There might be minor cosmetic touch-ups before the final product is released.

Preorder Now - $299US (Full Price $499US)
Release Date - Early 2015

San Francisco-based company Navdy is offering a solution for people with older cars since. For $499, it's come up with a flat projector you can mount to the top of your dashboard with a heads-up display that shows you key information like navigation and caller ID. It combines that with an infrared camera and microphone that watches and listens for hand gestures and voice commands so you can control your phone without taking it out of your pocket. Think of it like eyes and ears for your phone, and one that you can use with multiple cars.

Navdy's big sell is to let you see certain apps and notifications in a single or split view, something you might not get on your smartphone. If you're driving with directions turned on and get a call, Navdy splits those things up on its screen. You don't miss out on where the next turn is supposed to be, and avoid having voice commands interjecting into your call from your navigation app. The same goes for texts and emails: if you get either, they'll pop up on the right while directions continue to run; and if you want them read out loud, you just speak a voice command or use a gesture.

Now you can be more aware of your surroundings while interacting with your smartphone contacts.
"We think this is the first time head up display technology has been combined with touch-less gesture recognition, and also a real head up display that works in cars offered on the market. There's kind of a lot of things that we've had to pull together, and the combination of those things really creates a magic experience that's far better than the individual pieces." 
-Doug Simpson, Navdy chief executive 

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