June 3, 2013

How To Clean Your Laser Printer and Save Money Too

Samsung 1665 Laser Printer

The best way to prevent future problems and save money with your laser printer is by performing bi-weekly to monthly cleanings of your printing unit. The accounting department and everyone that uses the laser printer will thank you for it.
The exterior of the printer can be cleaned with a water-dampened cloth or a cleaner rated for electronics.
Innovera Compressed Air can
The interior can be cleaned with a small vacuum or with compressed air. If you are using compressed air, remove the fuser assembly to allow a path for dirt and debris to exit the printer. The interior can be further cleaned with a dry, lint-free cloth.
Want More Savings?
Another simple trick to saving the company money is by switching laser printer toner and drum kit vendor. Take Limewit.com for example, purchasing a toner from them versus a big office retail store can save you anywhere from 25 - 45% on each toner! Big savings that add up.
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