July 15, 2014

Google Inching Closer to a SkyNet Reality with Boston Dynamic's BigDog Robot (Video)


  • 400 lb. carrying capacity
  • 20 mile range
  • No dedicated driver required


  • Loud.
  • Slow.
  • No AI capabilities (yet)

Las Vegas native Lance Cpl. Brandon Dieckmann, an infantryman with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, India Co., operates the Legged Squad Support System (LS3) through an open field at Kahuku Training Area July 10-12, 2014.

The LS3 is experimental technology built by Boston Dynamics which is owned by Google. The robot is being tested by the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab as part of the Advanced Warfighting Experiment during Rim of the Pacific 2014. The robot is funded by DARPA and the U.S. Marines (aka taxpayers).

Each LS3 carries up to 400 lbs of gear and enough fuel for a 20-mile mission lasting 24 hours. LS3 automatically follows its leader using computer vision, so it does not need a dedicated driver.

There are multiple technologies being tested during RIMPAC, the largest maritime exercise in the Pacific region. This year's RIMPAC features 22 countries and around 25,000 people.


Video courtesy of U.S. Marines, filmed by Sgt. William Holdaway/Marine Forces Pacific Combat Camera
BigDog architecture graphic courtesy of Boston Dynamics

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