August 3, 2012

Twitter: The Phone Battery Killer

It's becoming a common theme to hear the cries of Twitter users regarding the short life span of their smartphone battery. Here's a good example, "If I didn't have twitter, instagram or any battery would last sooooo much longer," one Twitter user wrote.

When a phone is in the design stage, the engineers do not take into account how many apps will be running on the phone simultaneously, how many photos per day will be taken or uploaded to Instagram, how many tweets will be sent, emails read on Gmail, websites visited, videos watched, or how many Angry Bird levels will be successfully passed with three stars.

"We are basically given a list, from the software department, that informs us of what applications will come pre-installed with the phone. This is how we determine the expected battery life of the phone," says a cellphone engineer who wishes to remain anonymous.

The best solution to this dilemma? 

You could use your phone less but we know that is a stretch. How about getting a second battery so that you never run out of "phone time."

Just charge the dead battery and by the time your new one is completely depleted, you can swap it for the newly charged one. One user complaints, "I carry my AC adapter but it is so bulky and takes 3 hours to fully charge my phone. Sucks!" A spare battery is small, light, and ready to go.

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