August 1, 2012

The New Apple Store Staircase Glass Design - Amazing!

Many of us have never gone up the famous Apple store glass staircase. Some for fear of it breaking as we take our first step but most simply because our local Apple store's do not have glass staircases to see or try.

Recently, Apple unveiled their newest version of the glass staircase at their flagship store in SoHo, New York City. It is very impressive.

The staircase sides are made from separate panes of glass.

The side panels are made from a continuous, seam-free piece of glass exceeding 30 feet at its longest point.

People were going up and down the staircase just for fun.

From a distance, the glass staircase does not seem like it can hold the weight of a full grown person. When you get up close, you see that each supporting glass wall is made from five 1.5-2 inch walls of glass laminated together.

Photos courtesy of hipstomp via

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