April 17, 2013

Lego Masterpiece - 200,000 Piece Sci-Fi City of Odan

Medium - Lego
Pieces - 200,000
Build Time - 600+ hours
Dimensions - 5ft high, 6ft wide
Master Builder - Mike Doyle, NY

The Work

From the brilliant mind of New York artist Mike Doyle, comes Contact 1 the first in a series of grand scale LEGO works “celebrating extra terrestrial contact events, spiritual beings and unique worlds.” The towering world is the culmination of some 600 hours of work using 200,000 individual bricks and stands nearly 5 feet high by six feet wide. Marvel at its intricate LEGO beauty!

The City of Odan

With Contact 1, he’s built an imaginary city of near Minas Tirith-like scale, complete with pixelated towers, forests, and waterfalls. It’s called Odan, home to an enlightened species that evolved from us but dropped the lousy inter-species killing thing, and it is dedicated solely to the development of its inhabitants cultural and spiritual needs.


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