December 31, 2012

Need A Great Replacement Battery For Your Laptop?

With all of the options available out there, from high-priced originals ($100+) to low priced and low quality knock-offs ($8-$25), choosing the right laptop battery replacement option for your next purchase can become a hassle.

Luckily, here at Limewit, we focus both on quality and affordability. Our battery products perform to the same quality and performance standards as the original batteries that came with your laptop. We use quality battery-cell materials and plastics to ensure that your purchase is worth every penny.

We back our products with a 30-day no hassle return process and up to a 3 year** laptop battery warranty on performance models. Expect to save anywhere from 20% up to 45%* without compromising performance and quality. Also, if your order is $45 or more, you get free shipping!

You can shop direct:

You can shop through Amazon:

*savings based off original laptop battery prices
**non performance models have a 1 year warranty

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