October 11, 2012

eBay's New Logo : Good or Bad?

EBay Inc executive Devin Wenig unveiled a new logo on Thursday, a re-design he said reflected a shift by the online marketplace away from auctions and collectibles toward full-priced, buy-it-now merchandise.

The new logo keeps eBay's famous colors, red, blue, yellow and green, but the letters are thinner and arranged inline, rather than the previous, slightly jumbled approach.

The new design will be rolled out across the company's websites this fall.

"The eBay logo is known the world over, so changing it was not a decision made lightly. The time felt right," Wenig, president of eBay Global Marketplaces, wrote in an email to employees.

What do you think of their new logo?

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By Alistair Barr, Reuters
Photos courtesy of eBay.com

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