June 1, 2012

Why do laptop batteries lose power over time?

Over time, laptop batteries degrade and lose their ability to hold a full charge. This occurrence is quite normal to all rechargeable laptop and netbook batteries. Today, laptop batteries are designed with modern materials that hold their charge much longer than in previous years. Even so, the average life of a laptop battery varies from 1.5 – 3 years.

The number one reason why laptop batteries lose power over time is due to its declining capacity. Simply put, the amount of charge a battery can hold will gradually decrease due to usage and aging.

The second reason is low quality battery components. Not all batteries are made the same and when you combine this with the declining capacity your batteries life can be cut by as much as 30%. It is very important to choose a battery that is composed of quality materials and backed by a minimum 1 warranty to ensure longevity.

You may have noticed that your battery lasts less and less as the years go by. If your battery, when fully charged, lasts under 2 hours, then it’s time to replace.

So remember, choosing a high quality battery will ensure that you get your money’s worth and will keep your laptop portable.

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